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Yoga that is introspective, mindful and S L O W

Be present… Let your body guide you… Move in alignment with your breath… Teaching since 2004, Kellie Dearman is an experienced yoga teacher, specializing in gentle, highly adaptive hatha yoga which is perfect for older bodies, or anyone who desires a mindful style of practice. Kellie began doing yoga herself in her late 30s, in a body that was not naturally flexible. She believes strongly that each person is responsible for their own well-being, and stresses paying attention to the cues of your OWN body over that of an instructor. She begins each class with present moment awareness through grounding and breath, and teaches each pose starting from its basic physical structure, recommending variations from gentler to more advanced, to suit every body. During each class, strong cueing constantly encourages noticing breath, physical sensation and emotional awareness.

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"Kellie is an amazing teacher. Her classes are geared to all levels. She explains each yoga position in great detail demonstrating easy to more difficult poses while also explaining the health benefits of each pose."

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"There is something calming about Kellie. Whenever she leads me in a yoga or meditative practice, I feel completely at ease. There is no need to "push" myself in order to get what I came for. Come and see her at Aware Yoga. You will NOT be disappointed."
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