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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop-in’s are only allowed if there is room in the class. Classes are generally by session only.

Any comfy, stretchy clothes are fine. I recommend layers, so that you can adjust as necessary. 

If you are on the Video Library, payments are made automatically once you have signed up, using your secured credit card through Paypal or Stripe. 

If you are enrolled in regular studio classes, either live or online, you can pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

Yes… you can do chair yoga if you are absolutely sure you cannot get up or down off the floor. You will still enjoy all the benefits of yoga this way. But, I teach in a way so that there is not a lot of moving between up and down, and there is great benefit in being able to do so, especially over time.

The studio is well supplied with everything you will need, but most people prefer to have their own yoga mat and maybe a blanket. I always recommend having two mats for comfort…. you can lay yours on top of one of mine for extra cushiness!

I am happy to allow you to make up a missed classes, preferably within that session. Make-up classes are only available though, if there is an open space in another class.

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